Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fibercore releases new sensing specialty fibers at PW13

Fibercore, reacting to new trends in commercial sensing in the oil & gas and current sensing industries, are leveraging its highly flexible MCVD preform manufacturing system to offer a range of new products. Products including pure silica core - SM1500SC(9/125), splice friendly high NA – SM1500 (6.4/125, 7.8/125, 7.8/80)  designed for harsh down-hole and sub-sea environments, spun HiBi SHB1250, delay coil – HB1250, HB1250G, HB1250T(245) and quarter wave plate fibers have all been added to its specialty fiber portfolio.

In terms of fiber design solutions, the ultimate solution for applications requiring fibers with low attenuation, low photodarkening and the ability to operate for prolonged periods of time at high temperatures, is the pure silica core fiber. By combining the hydrogen darkening resistance of the pure silica core fiber with the high temperature properties of a polyimide coating, capable of withstanding 300oC continuously, Fibercore have designed a fiber suitable for high pressure and high temperature hydrogen environments, particularly suitable for oil & gas applications.

In addition to the pure silica core fibers, Fibercore have developed a new range of “bridging fibers” designed to reduce splice losses between low NA telecoms fibers and high NA sensor fibers. This allows customers to design-in the bridging fibers to reduce the worry about splice losses to sensor fibers.

Fibercore Limited has developed a range of optical fibers designed specifically for use in Fiber Optics Current Sensing (FOCS). This includes the sensor element fibers Spun HiBi SHB1250 and Spun LoBi SLB1250 fibers, as well as supporting component fibers such as HB-Z ZING™ polarizing fibers, HB, HB-T and HB-G delay coil fibers and quarter wave plate fibers. The fibers can be used in various deployments from simplistic low sensitivity, low accuracy, linear polarization systems through to high sensitivity, high accuracy, circularly polarized systems.

FOCS/OCTs (Optical Current Transformers) offer significant advantages over traditional current sensing technologies; the sensor element is naturally decoupled from the voltage line, there is minimal electrical interference on the signal line, they offer extremely fast response times with high measurement accuracy, the size and weight of the sensors is reduced in comparison with existing technologies and they do not explode during catastrophic failure, unlike oil-filled electrical insulation towers.

Dr Chris Emslie adds, “These new products are designed to offer technical advantages beyond standard fibers, with a view of designing the right fiber for the right application. Working closely with our customers we continue to identify and develop new product opportunities as solutions to known sensing issues in a wide range of industries. Specialty fiber technology really is penetrating new markets.”

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Founded 1982, Fibercore is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of specialty fiber serving customers across the world. Products include specialty fiber for the Aerospace, Defence and Telecommunications industries – the business is a global market leader. The company’s operations are headquartered in Fibercore House, a custom built Southampton based facility. Fibercore has four Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

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