Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fibercore Ltd at OSA Advanced Photonics, Colorado Springs

Our attendance at small specialist shows provides us with an opportunity to focus our attention on a technical level with experts in our marketplaces – and the Advanced Photonic Congress in Colorado Springs last week was no exception.
With the attendance of Engineers from Universities, Research Groups and R&D departments of major international companies, Dr Andy Gillooly and Ellen Landis were able to discuss the technical benefits and specifications of our fibers with scientists and engineers working on the latest projects. 
Fiber Bragg Gratings were a particular focus of the Meeting and Andy’s expertise in the field enabled him to discuss our photosensitive singlemode fibers for sensor applications, introducing our polyimide coated bend-insensitive fibers for the harsh environments of oil and gas sensing.  His extensive knowledge and experience in laser applications also enabled him to discuss our fibers in detail in this advancing technology.
Other topics covered by Ellen, using her extensive experience of the specialty optical fiber market, and Andy included erbium-doped fibers in EDFAs for telecommunications and various fibers for bio-photonics, as well as discussions around applications for our new HiBi Spun fiber.
For all those that came to our booth, it was a pleasure to discuss your application and our fibers with you and we will be in touch very shortly with the information that you require.  If you were unable to attend the meeting and would like to know more about how our fibers can help your project, email us at and one of us will get in touch with you as quickly as we can.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Join Fibercore at OSA's Advanced Photonics Congress in Colorado Springs

17th June - 21st June 2012

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Fibercore Ltd will be marking their 30th year as specialty fiber development and production experts, by exhibiting at the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, where we will be talking about our vast array of fiber products and their outstanding versatility and performance.

To maintain a leading position within a technically demanding marketplace requires a unique combination of customer focus, quality and product performance.  Fibercore's fiber experts look forward to working with you to develop a true customer partnership, delivering quantifiable value that goes well beyond the product itself.

Of particular interest at our booth will be Fiber Bragg Gratings and how Fibercore's PS series of fibers can help.  With a high-germania and boron-co-doped core composition that enables high-reflectivity gratings to be written without the need to hydrogen-load, the Mode Field Diameters of Fibercore PS Series fibers have also been engineered so that gratings can be spliced into standard telecommunications or pigtailing fibers with minimal excess loss.  Alternatively, if bend-insensitivity is important for your project, our high-germania, low-attenuation, specialty singlemode fibers offer significantly higher photosensitivity than standard telecommunications fibers allowing long arrays to be written with our without hydrogen loading.

Dr Andy Gillooly has a PhD in Fiber Bragg Gratings and will be available to answer all your FBG questions on our booth.  Both he and Ellen Landis, our Director of Sales for North America, will also be talking about how Fibercore's precision products can be used in the harshest of conditions, such as our polyimide-coated high NA fibers, which are being used for monitoring deep-sea oil reserves - where extreme accuracy is paramount in one of the most challenging of all conditions imaginable.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and talking about your individual fiber needs.  But if you are unable to attend, please contact us directly on +44 (0)23 8076 9893 or email us at  We are always very happy to discuss your fiber frequirements and to offer free expert advice on the use of specialty fibers in your products or projects, drawing on over three decades of experience and knowledge.