Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Inertial Sensors and Systems - Symposium Gyro Tecnology 2012

18-19 September 2012

This annual symposium continues to bring together experts and specialists in the Gyroscope field, expanding this year to include inertial sensors and systems.

Fibercore are pleased to announce that we will be presenting two papers at this year’s show:  ‘Radiant Tolerant Optical Fibers for Fiber Optic Gyroscopes’ and ‘HiBi Single Polarizing HB-Z Zing™ Fibers for Fiber Optic Gyroscopes’

With the increasing use of satellites for communication and broadcasting projects, Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs) are being used more and more in outer space, increasing the need for radiation tolerant fibers. In the first of these papers, 'Radiation Tolerant Optical Fibers for FOGs', Dr Andy Gillooly will be discussing the effect of radiation on specialty optical fibers and how this can be controlled.  As well as considering the polarization maintaining highly birefringent fibers that are used in FOGs, he will be talking about the effect that radiation has on erbium-doped fibers used for ASE light sources.

The second of our papers, 'HiBi Single Polarizing HB-Z Fibers for FOGs', will be presented by José
Maria Alvarez who will explain the theoretical basic principles behind our Bow-Tie polarizing fibers.  Jose will compare the economic and technical benefits of this all-fiber polarizing solution against the non-fiber integrated solutions that are currently used in the industry, completing the presentation with experimental results and measurements showing the polarizing capability of the fiber under different deployment conditions and at different wavelengths.

2012 will be the 6th year for the Symposium and a full programme is now available.  Further details of our two presentations will be available nearer the date.

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