Friday, 20 January 2012

Photonics West 2012 Product Presentation by Dr Andy Gillooly: RGB - UV Fibers

Broadband Fibers for use at 305 nm - 450 nm and 450 nm - 800 nm

With the growing use of fibers in Medical and Spectroscopy applications, the need to transmit red, green and blue light down a single fiber is an increasingly important requirement.

The broadband performance of the Fibercore SM450 specialty singlemode fiber is perfect for these applications where the high NA insures that, even with the fiber coiled, bend-losses are kept to a minimum across the full broadband range, from 450 nm to 800 nm. The all-silica SM300-SC and SM400-SC fibers extend the wavelength range into the UV and are ideal for use from 305 nm to 450 nm, where the absense of Germania in their core significantly reduces photodarkening at blue and UV wavelengths.

Our second presentation at this year's Photonics West Exhibition in San Francisco will be showcasing these fibers, so if you are attending the show and want to know more, then come along to North Hall D, Demo Area 2, at 4.30 pm on Tuesday 24th January 2012 where Dr Andy Gillooly will introduce the fibers to you. Alternatively, visit our website at

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